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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>>reporter now 11 the heavy rain is mostly over but we're expecting more wet weather this week. right now we have few scattered. scattered the wet weather left behind major damage with crews trying to fix this huge sinkhole in san francisco and trees have been brought down by rain and wind. concord crews are cleaning up the mess after this tree was flown on two and s u b on pine street. we have flooding and power outages. some areas got as much as 4 in. of rain in 24 hours. the much-needed rain is being called one of our biggest storms in years with. have team
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coverage everywhere. our own just bush is monitoring coverage of the sinkhole. let's check in with our chief meteorologist now. >>jacqueline bennett we still have a few scattered showers a round that bay area. it is a far cry from what we saw earlier but this is what we will see tonight and through tomorrow the. let's look at the storm tracker and radar and zoom right in. the rain is heaviest in the east bay where we see some heavier cells near walnut creek. you can see the yellow on the radar. we also see heavier cells that are dying down near the delta of. we're seeing some heavier cells at the coastline with half an inch of rain there with south san francisco with a 10th of an inch of rain. looking ahead tonight we see a few spotty showers that you can still see some yellow on the screen which indicates heavier
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downpour. you can see those on the fog tracker and stormy are. heading into tomorrow morning, you'll be happy about the morning commute with just a few scattered showers in the north bay. we will finish this timing out and talk about it more. . new-line >>reporter to sinkholes opened up in san francisco is. it's a 20 ft. crater after in a inch water main broke under that street. it sounds like the roads could be closed for some time of the fix this? >>jeff bush it could be quite some time. it is quiet for the first time. all time crews have been here trying to manage this massive sinkhole. heavy equipment operators were busy into the evening hours
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getting the sinkholes stabilized and ready for the work to continue. excavators were constantly in motion cleaning out the mud and the rock and the asphalt from the bottom of the hole in the middle of the street. workers from several different agencies were at it all day long. there were taking care of the heavy lifting, rerouting the flow of water, and electric and gas companies were taking care of the gas lines buried under line. a couple of the lines were banned did-death-but none were destroyed a 100 year old water pipe broke. as if that was not enough, a sewer pipe of the same age also broke. it was a matter of time before the ground would open up and the ground would fall into the cavern below. residents of
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the area did not have water for the majority of the day because it had to be shut off. the crews were task was dealing with the massive sinkhole in the middle of an intersection in this quiet neighborhood. a handful of workers will remain here on scene to make sure nothing changes. tomorrow at sunrise they will bring in the. brand new the. reporting live in san francisco >>reporter this was a much smaller sinkhole that opened in the middle of another san francisco street. this was reported around 7:00 a.m. today but did not really affect traffic. cars were driving around it. workers have been so busy with other damage that they did not get to this thing called very quickly. coming up at 1115 we continue
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our coverage. we will hear from a peninsula woman who was stopped in her tracks when a tree fell on her moving car. protests in new york and across the country tonight after a grand jury decision not to indict in new york police officer in a chokehold death of in on on man. the death was ruled a homicide. thousands of people marched to the streets, some blocking a highway. there are also protests in oakland tonight. people are very angry about that recent decision in new york as well as that in ferguson misery not to indict the officer responsible for an the shooting of an unarmed teenager. oakland police say this has been a much more peaceful march than that of next week with another plan tomorrow.
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another demonstration also took place in san francisco which caused by a service to be rerouted. the area has since been rerouted and traffic has returned to normal. protesters in palo alto with, included stanford students, entered highway 101. this video posted on vine which showed the traffic problems. police say the demonstrators exit the freeway about 10 minutes later. nobody was arrested and traffic has returned to normal. after the grand jury decision there was an outrage and a strong push for the justice department to intervene. federal investigators will be looking into the case. >>his death will not be in vain as. long as i have made the breath in my body i will fight to the end. >>reporter his widow delivered a powerful
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speech wednesday after that grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer in her husband's death. police say he resisted arrest after police accused him of selling cigarettes. he was put in a chokehold and held down before becoming unresponsive. the officer in the video says that it was not his intention to harm him and that he feels remorseful about that death. the victim's father urged protesters to keep any demonstrations peaceful. the justice department is investigating the circumstances and whether civil-rights were violated.
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>>our prosecutors will conduct an independent and thorough, fair, and expeditious investigation. >>reporter shortly after the decision indicates president obama vowed to take action. >>president obama this is a situation we have been dealing with for too long and i vowed to take action to help it be corrected. >>reporter we will continue to follow the story on line can also get the latest information on our web site as well as on our face book page. coming up we will look more at the mess left behind from the big storm. also an new winter wonderland in san francisco. it looks like christmas central! also packing up and clearing out. people living in a notorious homeless camp have been ordered to leave. next.
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>>catherine heenanthis homeless shelter--homeless camp is being considered unsanitary and the city has spent millions trying to deal with this problem. the cleanup will start tomorrow and could take two weeks to complete. next we have a woman with a dramatic story about a tree that fell on her morning car--in car >>jacqueline bennett we have more rain tonight which is not quite as dramatic as yesterday. tomorrow we have more scattered rain as well as on friday. more coming
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♪ ♪ catherine heenan>>: flooding caused some residents off guard son. drivers got stuck in fairly deep weather. high tides are expected to remain above normal throughout the week. cleanup is under way during this break between the storms although heavy rain did flat at least two dozen homes. the storm also brought down trees. city officials did say they began
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preparing about two weeks ago so damage did not come as a surprise to. >>with any for a set the base of mt. tam said there are trees everywhere. of course there is a train-- chance of trees coming down during a storm under strong wind. catherine heenan>>: a glass panel was shattered and some transformers started smoking or exploded. earlier we talked to a woman who was stopped in her tracks when a tree fell on her moving car. felice spent much of wednesday cleaning up this mess. she says she was the only one on the street when the tree came crashing down. >>as it was happening it was very scary. it felt like slow- motion. i could hear the glass breaking and a tree coming down on me and i was able to crawl out the back.
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i could not open up my door because. it because that catherine heenan>>: you can see what happened with the car there. she had finished car pooling and was very happy her 15 year-old daughter was not sitting in her usual seat. that part of the car was particularly damaged by the tree. the recent storm did bring new life. the highways leading into yosemite have been open and clear all the highways leading to glacier point are close due to snow and ice. jacqueline bennett>>: we continue to see rain run the bay area into saturday. most of the showers now or in the east bay and along the coast line but also in the south bay. see the same pattern as we head into the overnight and into tomorrow with sparse and scattered showers. this satellite and radar picture shows we have some showers
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rotating out along the coast tonight and tomorrow. we then have bay bit of a low temperature until next door muezzin friday afternoon. we will still get about an inch to 2 in. of rain but under an inch of rain in the valley which is not a lot of rain but we have more rain coming tomorrow although not nearly as much as we saw today. a i want us get through thursday because we just have passing showers that are hard to pinpoint with the radar. but friday we expected to be relatively dry. cloudy but with low rain. as we move into the afternoon the rain will pick up and become widespread by the evening. it will stay widespread through the evening commute as well. by the midnight hour though rain
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is still widespread drought the midnight area and will continue through portions of the bay area into saturday morning. but you can see by 5:00 a.m. is starting to taper off. as for the sierra as we still see some snow at the highest peaks which will turn to showers late friday and then a rain snow makes mixed into saturday morning. winter storm warning has been reduced to 4:00 tomorrow morning. after that the snow will pretty much begin to die down. our next band of rain comes in friday afternoon and then it will be dry for most of the weekend but more rain early next week. catherine heenan>>: as a reminder download at ourapp. it is free to download and you can use it to track our weather. san francisco has unveiled its
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winter walk-in union square tonight. shoppers will get a break from the noisy construction in the area. >> philippe djegal there should be sleighs and kids. sambar insist go mayor has agreed on a pause to the construction in the area which will continue through the first of the year. the shoppers we spoke with say they love it. the shame stoppers--the same shoppers to complain about the construction earlier this week. the that area is now covered in green turf and is accessible only to shoppers and pedestrians passing through the area. construction crews have been
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building a new central subway station under ground which has been a burden to some businesses in the area. >>they have an entire month to enjoy the scenery without being bothered by the construction of the. it is a good period of time to come. come >> philippe djegal overall the mayor says the construction is over to a half years away from completion but at least visitors have this despite.--rest by. catherine heenan>>: gary has the highlights of all the sports coming up next. 7
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had the 76ers' lost they would have tied the mets of 2009 for the worst record in history. they defeat the timber wolves 85 to at 77 . when you watch these highlights it's good to see a team not go 0 and 8 team and have the win in their. on the flip side the warriors get another win. when you are on a team with the best record in the nba, anything you do is deemed it cute. like laughing in the kitchen with your wife.
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the word is that brandon lawsuit had, 25 home had the deal is being worked out with the cleveland indians to san maas' away. jim harbaugh has a really interesting story here. where is he going to? see saint? back- and-forth? the general manager of the 49ers has apparently recruited a new head coach of the 49ers. harbaugh is actually the second
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choice it
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no indictment! the controversial decision comes down. will it lead to another ferguson crisis? at the rockefeller center christmas tree ceremony. and, i'm not broke. actor burt reynolds. why he's auctioning off his prized possessions. plus, justin bieber jinx? >> did bieber just doom an entire football team? then, stolen valor. >> why don't you just admit you're a phony. >> the real-life soldier hero takes on a knucklehead. >> stolen valor, right here. it. >> i knew this guy was a fake. >> how easy is it to pretend to be in the military? >> here i am. >> and m


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